Career & Volunteer Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in SMNF/SWCC. We are a community based organization whose mission is to help people better manage their lives. With each interaction with our clients, you have an opportunity to impact lives in a positive manner. Our team oriented approach affords –staff an opportunity to grow and develop while providing extraordinary customer service.

The majority of our positions are human services and health care related with a focus on woman’s reproductive health. If you are passionate about working with the community and have a positive can-do attitude, learn how you can become part of our team 


Volunteer Opportunities

Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility (SMNF) was incorporated in 1973 as a neighborhood-based organization that provides services and activities designed to identify and reinforce the strengths of individuals, families and communities.

We strongly believe that we cannot do this work alone; rather, we need the involvement of our neighbors and the community to help us live out our mission.

We count on our neighbors and the community, including the business community, to assist us monthly with a fresh food giveaway, to accompany our youth on center sponsored enrichment activities and to share their expertise whether it is in tutoring, the arts or lending a helping hand. These are just a few of the many ways you can help. We believe that when people come together, and work toward a common goal, great things can and do happen. We believe that 

That is why SMNF has developed a Volunteer Program. There are three ways you can volunteer with us:


  1. As a friend wanting to lend a helping hand
  2. As a college student in an unpaid internship
  3. As a required community service worker

Whatever way you come to volunteer with us, you have the ability to impact the lives of the people we serve in a positive way.

What will you gain when you volunteer? You will…
…Have positive interactions with your community
…Increase your skills while sharing your time and expertise

Please take a few minutes to complete our application and someone will contact you shortly.

Please note: Volunteer positions involving working with our youth requires a Criminal Background Check including fingerprinting.