SCC Nutrition Support Program

SCC Food Pantry: Made possible through collaboration with the Central New York Food Bank, the food pantry is an essential safety net service, providing low and moderate income residents in the 13202, 13204, 13205 and 13207 area codes with food assistance. The food pantry is available the first and last Tuesday of each month.  I.D. for all family member required.


Fresh Food Give-away: Made possible through a collaboration with the Central New York Food Bank, and conducted on the third Friday of each month, the Fresh Food Give-away provides an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and breads and other grains to the local residents. Distribution begins at approximately 2pm (start time depends on truck arrival and set up). Of particular importance is the availability of organic products to residents who nutritional needs require this type of food. SCC recognizes the opportunity to reach approximately 150 people each month with program information and presentations, the agency regularly schedules service providers to present information during the giveaway.


Jenny Penningston, Customer Services Assistant
(o) 315-671-5802